Modular Library for Inventor​

Modular Library for Inventor​

Setting Up a Content Centre Filter

We recommend that you set up a Content Centre filter to make it easy for you to find the Modular specific content in the Content Centre window.

Once you have successfully installed and integrated the Modular library using the app on your Windows Desktop, you can follow the steps below to create a Content Centre filter.

Step 1:

Create a new Assembly file OR open an existing assembly.

Step 2:

Click the Place from Content Centre button.

Step 3:

The Content Centre window will pop up. Click the small arrow next to the Filter button. Select “Add/Edit Filters”.

Step 4:

Click “Add” and create a filter with the name “Modular”.

Step 5:

Deselect everything in the two columns except for the MODULAR option under the “Standard Organisations” column.

Step 6:

Press OK and you are done. The Modular filter will now be available in the Content Centre Filter list.
(you can now easily filter various content to access it quickly)