Sans Steel Library – Setup

Step 1:

Because there is no trial version of the SANS steel library for Inventor available, you will have to purchase a license. Once the license has been paid for you will receive a download link. Download the SANS library install files and run the setup file to complete the software installation.

Step 2:

If the software was installed successfully, you should notice an “Inventor 201x SANS Steel Library” icon on your desktop. Double click the icon to start the SANS library integration application. This application is used to integrate the SANS library into Inventor so that it’s accessible to the Content Centre and Frame Generator. The library integration application will start up.

Step 3:

Please click the “Activate” button. The activation dialogue will pop up containing your PC’s unique “Request Code”. This code is used to request you activation code.

Step 4:

Select and copy the “Request Code”. Click the link provided in the activation dialogue box which will take you to the activation web page. Complete the details and fill in all the details in the request form. IMPORTANT: Remember to enter or paste the “Request Code” from the activation screen into the form of the activation web page.

Step 5:

You should receive an Activation code within a few hours. Once you have received your activation code you can enter it in the Activation dialogue box to complete the activation process. The SANS library integration application should now be activated and look like this.

Step 6:

Start Inventor but do not open any files. If Inventor was already running, please close all open Inventor files. Click the main “Configure Inventor 201x SABS/SANS…” button to integrate the library into Inventor. Once this process has completed the SANS library can now be used and will be available inside Content Centre and Frame Generator.

Step 7 (optional but recommended):

We recommend that you set up a Content Centre filter to make it easy for you to find the South African steel content in the Content Centre window.

1. Create a new Assembly file or open an existing one.
2. Click the Place from Content Center button.

3. The Content Center window will pop up. Click the small arrow next to the Filter button. Select “Add/Edit Filters…”

4. Click “Add” and create a filter with the name “SANS”
5. Deselect everything in the two columns except for the SANS option under the “Standard Organisations” column.

6. Press OK and you are done. The SANS filter will now be available in the Content Centre Filter list.