AutoCAD Architecture Toolset 2024 Updates (Part 2)


To understand AutoCAD Architecture and the enhancements made with the 2024 version, the additional specialized building design features and intelligent architectural objects have been made readily available and more than 8000+ objects have been added to the AutoCAD Architectural library.

Both Revit and AutoCAD Architecture share some commonalities, such as the use of 3D elements and the concept of Levels for organizing building information. However, there are distinctions in their naming conventions and underlying structures. Revit utilizes Families for various building components like furniture, doors, and windows, while AutoCAD Architecture uses Blocks and Smart Blocks for similar purposes.

The flexibility of AutoCAD Architecture in importing a 3D View from Revit (RVT file) and continuing to work on the Revit model within the AutoCAD environment is a valuable feature. This enables users to leverage the strengths of both platforms and maintain a smooth workflow across applications.

The mention the further enhanced feature of automatic block placement and replacement capabilities through the Blocks palette is noteworthy. This feature enhances efficiency by making it easier to insert and manage blocks within the drawing. The ability to place blocks easily and save time aligns with the broader goal of streamlining architectural drawing and documentation processes.

Design Center content for the Architecture toolset has also been enhanced. More than 100 new MVBlocks and block references are added to Architecture toolset content packs for Design Center. The content includes external lighting, bathroom accessories, furniture, site, kitchen fittings, and more.

As with all software, with more capabilities comes more complexity, and some things are harder to figure out if you are not as experienced with using the software. One example of this is: AutoCAD Architecture is style-based and thus getting objects to appear on screen and plot as you would expect is not as easy, that is where the Display Manager, Display Representations, and the Style Manager come in. You also have the Tool Palettes available for Details and Interiors, based on 3D objects – pre-designed and downloadable from the Autodesk Website, also a library which is part of the installation.

In summary, AutoCAD Architecture appears to provide a versatile solution for architects, offering specialized design features, intelligent architectural objects, and efficient workflows for both 2D drafting and 3D modelling. The interoperability with Revit models and the automation features contribute to a more seamless and productive design and documentation experience.

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