Autodesk Licensing: Assigning User Seats


We have had a few queries regarding this issue and have decided to help out as much as possible to simplify the assigning of seats for users, when a License has been bought for new Autodesk Software.

When a new Seat or License has been bought for specific Autodesk software, Autodesk will be sending you an email for confirmation and for registering the Account. The Email that was used to purchase the License on will be the Admin for the Account. You can go to the Autodesk website, and Log in. After you have Logged in, you will have a few options available to the Left, as Account information , here you can see All your Products and services. Profile settings and more.

Follow the following steps to Assign the seat, go to the User management Tab. Choose the By User Option.

  • Here will see all the users active and can add or unassign users here, to the specific Software required.

On the Right you will be able to add users, you will be able to fill in the details of the users and an invitational email will be sent for them to accept. You can’t assign Software for more than the number of seats that are available or purchased. Make sure to assign the users that use the Products and that it corresponds with the number of seats.

Under Billing and Orders, Subscriptions you will be able to see how many seats are available for what software.

It is important to notice that seat and software assigns can only be done by the primary admin of the account.

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