Transfer of AutoCAD custom settings and Profile to a different Computer Part 2


The second way the custom settings and profile can be moved to a different computer is as follows. Make sure AutoCAD is open on the pc you want to export the profile and custom settings from. Open a random drawing as you will need to open up Options.

When Options are open , go to the last tab and select Profiles.

In the Profiles tab you will see the custom Profiles that has been created on the pc in AutoCAD.

Under the available profiles select the profile you will wish to export, Set that profile as current, and export. Choose you file location you wish to export to and save. Take the portable hard drive or USB, and plug it in to the new pc , and follow the previous steps but select Import, and open up the file location. This will import that Profile onto the pc and you can select it as current and the custom settings will be linked to the profile.

Lastly if the previous steps does not work, you can open up AutoCAD User Interface tool.

Under the Manage tab, Customization you will find the CUI tool (User Interface).

When this tool is open , you can go directly to the Transfer Tab. On the left side you will see that you have a Main Customization File(.cuix) File. When the main profile has been selected, open up your Workspace tab and drag the required workspace (normality would be the Drafting and Annotations workspace) to the right empty workspace.

Now on the right you can save that customization workspace to your file location.

When you are on the new computer, you do the following, open up User inter face, on the transfer tab, on the left side open. Then select the file that was saved from the previous steps and click save.

You will notice that when you open the drop-down menu of the customized drop down, the profile will be visible, you can select it and everything should be setup and the customization toolsets will be ready for use on the new computer.

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