Using AutoCAD Tool Palettes


If you are looking for a very convenient and easy way to add regularly used symbols, commands, hatches and blocks to an easy to access (and customizable) window in your AutoCAD software, AutoCAD Tool Palettes are the way to go. Located within the View tab Ribbon, you’ll find the Tool Palettes button.

autocad tool palettes

When you click on the AutoCAD Tool Palettes button, the Tool Palettes window will open up in your AutoCAD software. Within this window you’ll find multiple pre-defined palettes pre-populated with many different types of “tools”. These “tools” mostly consist of dynamic blocks, which in themselves are a very useful function to understand. Below you’ll see five of the twenty-one pre-defined palettes.

autocad software

Where a “tool” has a little thunderbolt underneath it, it indicates that that specific object is a dynamic block and that it will have pre-defined view, dimensions, etc.

To add your own custom palette within the AutoCAD software, right-click on the palette selector and select New Palette. You can now add commands, blocks and multiple other functions to your palette. To add an object it must first be converted to a block, after which you can use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste the object in your palette.

*For a more in-depth look at Tool Palettes check out this recorded Webinar on YouTube –

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