A different example when using the Revit Show hidden tool


In an earlier article, I showed how to use the Revit Show hidden tool line whereby we enabled the visibility of interior components through a wall when viewing those walls from the outside in elevation.

Recently a customer asked a similar question whereby, looking in an architectural plan, a column is hidden by a beam above. The visual style is set to Hidden Lines. See screenshot below.


Obviously, you can solve the problem by changing the visual style to Wireframe and that will show the hidden part of the element but will show all the other hidden items in the view as well – which is undesirable. You can also switch the view from an architectural based plan view to a structural based plan view ( see below) You do solve the problem but the question was how to show to column through the beam in the Architectural Hidden View style as described above.


Ok change the view back to a architectural view and as explained in the previous article you should do the following. On the ribbon click on the View tab. Then select Show hidden Lines tool. Select the beam and then the column thereafter as shown in the image below.

Show hidden

This will show the full column though he beam as expected in dash lines. Same procedure as described in the previous blog.


The reason I wanted to write this article was to show that most Revit tools work in various scenario.