AutoCAD 2021 – Transform a Multi-Planar Inclined Polyline on the World UCS


I first met multi-planar inclined objects when I was playing with a solar collector that I wanted to drive using the weight of water. I wanted to use cables and pulleys, much like they would be arranged on a yacht.

In this Vlog, we look at how to reverse the orientation of a triangle onto the world coordinate system.

A scenario where this may be of interest is when one reverse Engineers polylines that were scanned in 3D. These may have to be laser cut in the World UCS. Even if the polyline is not exactly planar, the triangle will give a good approximation, and after flattening and over killing, the CNC processing of the resulting profile is easy.

There are many such examples when working in 3D comes rather challenging, but the principle stays the same.

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