AutoCAD 2024 – Use Fields to report Site Lot Area


While AutoCAD and AutoCAD Lt are not dynamic like an Autodesk Civil 3D, there are some ways in which they can be made to be more responsive and at the very least reduce the risk of user input error. As an example, we will be investigating a drawing in which we are interested in polylines denoting the lot boundaries of a site. We would like to know the area of these lots. We would like to convert the area from square millimeters to square meters. And when we change the boundaries, we would need to update the text with which we are notating the polylines.

First, place some multiline text. Insert a field. Chose the object category and then reference the text to the area of a polyline, and format the display as required. Now, when the polylines are changed, the area can be updated. It is not automatic, but it is not cut ands paste either. Do the same for every other polyline.

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