Autodesk Blog sites

Autodesk Blog sites


Autodesk has many employees and experts and many for them are very active online and Autodesk has many blog sites that produce valuable information regularly. In this blog I’ll highlight a couple of AutoCAD and Revit blog site from Autodesk.

The main Autodesk Blog area:

In this link you will see all the blog site that are run by Autodesk employees and experts.

In this first area you will see Product blogs pages  focusing on the products.

Autodesk Blog sites - 2 other blogs sites

Then there are Other blogs run by Autodesk employees that are more generally focused.

Autodesk Blog sites - 2 other blogs sites

And then there are an area that are called Features blog Feed that highlight some interesting news articles from around the Autodesk world.

AutoCAD Blog site

The AutoCAD blog site has many valuable information from general news to  “How to” blogs. Here is the direct link:

Autodesk Blog sites - 3 autocad blog site

Revit Blogs

Then on the Revit side there are many Blog sites from Structural engineering at Bim and Beam, . (I do see that they are moving to the main revit site but there is still much information in this Blog’s archives.)

Autodesk Blog sites - 4 revit structure blog site

To the official Revit blog at

Autodesk Blog sites - 5 revit main blog site

And to the Building Coder that focus on programming, Dynamo and the API at:

Autodesk Blog sites - 6 revit api blog site


Visiting and reading articles on these blogs you’ll learn lots of new tricks and also subscribing to the notifications systems you can be informed of any new entries written and thus stay informed on any new developments and news relating to the particular software you are interested in.

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