Autodesk Flex Tokens Replace Cloud Credits


Autodesk Cloud Credits have been replaced with Autodesk Flex tokens. This is an interesting development as you can either use flex tokens to run software on a pay-as-you-go basis for 24 hours at a time, or you can calculate results for a render or some other analysis.

The process seems simple enough. Buy tokens for your team online using a credit card.

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Assign users to Flex in your Autodesk account. This will work much the same as your software assignment. As the administrator, you can also monitor the usage of Flex tokens.

So besides using the tokens for running the software, what else do the tokens allow you to do?

If you use Revit LT and you want to use the Cloud for rendering, then you will be consuming Flex tokens if you require a high-end render. The same is true of Revit or any other file that you would like to render in the cloud.

Mostly, though, you would probably use Flex credits on the Mechanical platforms like Fusion where you can use generative design to design the best solution for a particular manufacturing process (Casting, Printing, or Machining).

Eventually, as more of the calculations we perform are going to leverage the cloud, the more important Flex tokens will become.

As an aside (and I would have to do some calculations) the opportunity to leverage platforms on a pay-as-you-go basis offers intriguing business models.

If you need help buying and using Flex tokens, please contact us at Micrographics so we may be of assistance.

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