Conducting a Solar Study in Revit 2024.2

Conducting a solar study in Revit 2024.2 involves several steps:

Set up: Open your Revit project and ensure that your model is properly set up with accurate building geometry, location, and orientation before conducting the Solar Study.

Set the Location: Go to Manage Tab > Project Location Panel > Location Icon

Location and Site Dialog Box: You have the option to select which Weather Station, for more accurate site information, as reference to the Sun and Solar Conditions of your specified site. Search you location/site by utilizing the Internet Mapping Service

Define Sun Settings: After setting the location, go to Manage Tab > Settings Panel > Additional Settings Drop-down > Sun Settings (Shortcut – SU)

Optionally, navigate to your View Control Bar > Sun Path Icon > Sun Settings.

Sun Settings Dialog Box

1) Select Solar Study Type (Still/Single Day/Multi-Day/Lighting)

2) Select one of the preset option or create a custom Solar Study

3) Settings: Location, Date, Time, Optional Tick Box for Sunrise to Sunset, Number of Frames, Time Interval and Level at which the Sun and Shadows move during the solar study.

4) Click Apply and OK

View Control Bar > Sun Path Icon > Turn Sun Path On: The Sun Path is interactive; thus, the sun can be moved/dragged (Time of day) with your mouse to see the changes regarding the shadows with reference to the solar study.

Once the setup is complete: View Control Bar > Sun Path Icon > Solar Study (To create a Solar Study)

The 3D View which you used for the Solar Study will be saved with the project for later reference.

Additionally, you can export the solar study as an animation: File > Export > Images/Animations > Solar Study

When the export animation dialog box opens > select options at the bottom right for more advanced options. Click OK > Save > OK (Video Compression options dialog box)

Follow this process to create a Solar Study in Autodesk Revit 2024.2

External Links as reference to Solar Studies:

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