Creating a generic adaptive component in Revit


The process below will describe how to create a simple rectangular adaptive component similar to the image below.

0 image

First step is to go Create Family as show below.

1 Create Family

Then select the Generic Model Adaptive family template.

2 Use the Generic adaptive Family

In the empty family place 4 points that will eventually form the corners of the rectangular shape.

3 Place points

Once placed select each of the points and change their type to be Placement Points. These four points will then become the four point that you’ll click in your model to place the family. You’ll notice that as you change each point they will be named starting a point 1.

4 Change the points to Placement Points

Now place another four points in between the corners. Change these point to be Shape Handles. You’ll be able to adjust these points in the model to alter the shape of the object.

5 Place4 more points and change them to Shape handles

To create the geometry select three points from on side and click the tool Create spline through Points. This will create a spline spanning the three points.

6 Select 3 points and create a Spline throught points

Now create all four sides as shown below.

7 Create 4 splines

Create a point on one of the lines. Select the point and create a rectangle on the selected plane.

9 Create a point select Point and create rectangle

Select the rectangle and the four splines and click Create Form on the ribbon. Once created Load the adaptive family object into your Project.

10 Select the Rectangle and the 4 slines and create geometry

In my project I had set up a floor with 4 columns at various heights. Place the adaptive family by clicking the top of each of the columns in the same sequence that the Placement points were created.

12 Place the 4 Placement point on top of the 4 columns in this case

This will place the family. Optionally you can select any of the Shape Handle points and adjust them by the use of the gizmo. This will adjust the sweep and change the shape of the family.

13 You can adjust any of the 4 Shape Handle points

14 Any shape and be done