Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1


One of the new feature with Revit 2021.1 is the ability to be able to use an Online Deployment Wizard to create an installation image to roll out Revit faster.


The process to create this image is to log into your Autodesk Account. Under the “Products and Services’ section on the left, you’ll find the “Deployments” area. Select this option. Note that is you do not see this option is might be that you do not have the adequate rights to do these Deployments. If so your username needs to be set to a Primary or Secondary Admin.

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1 - 1 Wizard start

You will notice that there is other software that already uses this Deployment Wizard, like 3ds Max, Vred, and Maya.

There is 3 step in the process:

Step 1 is to Add a product or select the software. In this case, we select the Add button next to Revit.

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1 - 2 Add Products

Revit will now be situated in the top area. You can also select the Customize option and change the software information, file locations, and add Extensions to the deployment. Note you don’t have the ability to add any additional Country content. Once you have selected done your selections,  select the Next button.

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1 - 3 Customize settings

The 2nd step is to Enter Settings like the deployment name, path, and description. Once you have entered these select Next.

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1 - 4 Name Deployment

The 3rd step is to accept the Agreement and Create the deployment.

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1 - 5 Create

Once you click on ‘Create’ a window will pop up as below informing you that you can download the deployment EXE file.

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1 - 6 Ready

In my case, a ‘Save As’ dialogue box also popped up and I could download the deployment creation file. Note that the file size was only 11MB. I then ran the EXE and the Deployment creation started.

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1 - 8 Download succesful

In this process, it started with the 7.8GB download of the software and creates the Installation Image in the Directory you specified earlier.

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1 - 8 Download succesful


Once this image is created you run the image batch file and it will install the software. This image can also be placed on a server and shared and used to install multiple PCs.

Deployment Wizard for Revit 2021.1 - 9 Image details

As the installation of Revit 2021 does not include the Country specific Content and neither the Deployment Wizard you still need to download and install the Country Libraries you require from:


It is the first version of Revit that can be installed with the use of the Online Deployment Wizard and I think a step in the right direction. Hopefully, they will include the option to add the Country Specific Libraries in the future, so you can install Revit even faster.

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