How to edit Revit Fill Pattern .pat file to match South African brick course height

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Another question is about changing a fill pattern’s dimensions e.g. to make a face brick wall surface pattern match the South African face brick course height. Currently the problem is that the current Brickwork surface pattern course height is 75mm. See below. We want to change the Brick 75×225 pattern to an 85×225 pattern.

revit fill patterns

How we’ll accomplish this is to edit the .pat file that these fill patterns reference. Open the Fill Pattern dialogue box by going Manage->Additional Settings->Fill Patterns. Make sure you’ve selected the ‘Model’ Pattern type at the bottom of the dialogue box. Then click New->Custom->Import. See below.

edit revit fill patterns


Browse to the install directory of Revit which is typically: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Revit 2015\Data. In this folder you will see then select the .pat files. What I now do is to copy and paste the ‘revit metric.pat’ file into the same directory so as to create a copy of this original file.

importing revit patterns

Right click on the copied file and Edit or Open the file. The .pat text file will open in Notepad by default. Note the text related to the Brick 75×225 wall pattern.

revit pattern text file

Select, copy and paste the content of the Brick 75×225 creating a copy below the original. Rename the first line of the copy as shown below.

edit revit pattern text file

Now change all the 75’s to 85’ as shown.

edit revit pattern text file 2

Close the file saving it. In the import Fill Pattern dialogue box make sure you’ve selected the newly edited Copy and click Open.

editing revit text patterns

Now scroll down and select the Brick 85×225 SA Std pattern. Click OK.

using revit fill patterns

You can now use this pattern as a surface Fill pattern for your South African face brick walls.

south african brick pattern in revit