Exporting Advance Steel Models to Older Versions


In spite of generating .dwg files, drawings/models generated in Advance Steel are not backwards compatible. . . . . at least not as is. This can cause a lot of frustration, especially considering that some extensions are still only available for Advance Steel 2023. There is light at the end of the “backwards compatibility” tunnel, and that is the .smlx file type.

When installing the Advance Steel Extension for Revit (freely available), a Revit model can be exported to Advance Steel. This is done by converting the Revit file to a .smlx file, which can then be imported into Advance Steel.

Within Advance Steel, without any extensions, you can export your model as a .smlx file, which can be imported into Revit, BUT also into previous versions of Advance Steel. So far I have tested it with files from Advance Steel 2024 to Advance Steel 2023.

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