How to see through a Revit Wall to show objects behind


A customer wanted to show bathroom fittings that are behind a wall in elevation so that they can plan the drainage piping for each fitting.

The Revit tool you would use to show the fittings behind the wall is on the View Tab -> Graphics Panel and the tools are Show Hidden Lines and then the opposite Remove Hidden Lines.


The first step is to go to the elevation that will be used to display the object through the walls.


Then change your Visual style to Wireframe. You’ll do this so that you can see through the walls and be able to select objects wherever they are. In this case behind the walls.


Now initiate the Show Hidden line tool by going to View Tab-> Graphics Panel. First select the Wall though which you want to look thereafter the object you’ll want to see thought the wall.


Now set the views Visual style back to Hidden Lines and you notice that the table in this case is shown through the curtain wall.


The object is now visible thought the wall and the Dash Line Pattern is used to display the object with. This Line Pattern is hardcoded into Revit meaning the user cannot set the Line Pattern to be used.


If you want to adjust the way the item displays you’ll have to edit the Dash Line Pattern by going to Manage Tab -> Additional Settings ->Line Patterns. Then Edit the Dash Line pattern. Just remember that changing the Dash Line Pattern might influence other objects that uses Dash as a Line Pattern.