In Revit Phasing how do I see a new door in elevation that is placed in an existing wall


Two of our customers actually asked a similar question about Revit Phasing and the fact that a door object, in this case, when placed as a new phase into an existing wall does not appear in elevation. See the issue below. Note the Phase Filter in Elevation is set to “Show All”.


The door does appear in plan though.


The reason for the door not shown in elevation is that the piece of demolished wall where the door is still exists and obscures the visibility of the door. See below.


The solution is the change the Phase filter so that, in elevation, you don’t see any demolished items. To do this you should go to the Manage Ribbon Tab -> Phases and a Phasing dialogue box will appear. Select the Phase Filters Tab as shown.


Notice that in the 1 row the Show All filter under the Demolished column its set to Overridden which means that the properties of all the object that are demolished is overridden a certain way.

If you look at the Graphic Overrides tab and the Demolished row, you’ll see how its overridden. See below.


The problem is however that its visible altogether. So the solution is the create a new Phase Filter that will be used in Elevations Views which does not show any demolished objects.

So back in the Phase Filter tab click New at the bottom and name the Phase filter something like ‘for Elevations’. Under the Demolished column set it to ‘Not Displayed’.


Now that you have created a Phase filter that hides demolished objects you can go to the elevation view and set the phase filter to the newly created one called ‘for Elevations’. This hides the piece of wall at the door’s position and thereby showing the door. See below.