Installing Revit 2020 Content After Initial Installation


Especially with new users of Revit, it is common that the incorrect content was downloaded on installation. If you want to use South African metric content, it does not help if one has the English imperial content installed.

In the past one had to navigate windows and alter the installation before being able to download the extra content.

Thankfully, the way in which extra content is downloaded and installed in Autodesk Revit 2020 has changed. One now simply downloads a compressed file from the following link:

After that one copies it into the library location and then extract the files.

The default location to extract the files to is: “C:\Program Data\Autodesk\RVT2020”

Find the content here:

If you need help downloading extra content for your Revit 2020, please contact Micrographics so we may be of assistance to you. We are also able to help you manage your family libraries and batch upgrade the families to a new version if required.