Revit 2022 – How to Model a Trash Chute


A client asked me to model a trash chute into a tower that he is developing in concept. Initially, I thought of modeling it in place, but then I had a look on and found a great pipe system to use. The supplier had already modeled the parts that are necessary for various sizes and conveniently placed them all in a project file for the user.

Now, given that most Architects shy away from modeling piping, it may be necessary to ask an MEP modeler to model in the pipe.

One needs to transfer some of the project standards into the model, and then one simply copies in the families and connect them with pipes. Since I am modeling a tower, I also needed to route the chute away from the tower core. One thing that was missing is the elbow on the pipe system. So I just quickly added the required family onto the pipe routing solution through the pipe type properties.

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