The New Revit 2025 Massing and Site Tools addition – Excavate!


Introducing the Excavate Tool for Site Modelling – Revit 2025: Ribbon > Massing and Site Tab > Toposolid Modify Contextual Tab – for Editing Toposolids

Replacing the erstwhile function of Building Pads in Revit 2023 and earlier versions of Revit, the Excavate tool in Revit 2025 marks a significant leap forward in the realm of site development within the software. At its core, the Excavate tool allows users to precisely sculpt topography and excavate volumes from toposolids using various cutting elements such as floors, roofs, masses or other toposolids themselves. Whether it’s creating a sloping terrain for a residential project or carving out space for underground parking, the Excavate tool offers unparalleled flexibility and control.

The Excavate tool’s workflow is seamless and intuitive. With just a few clicks, users can select the toposolid they wish to excavate, choose the intersecting element for cutting, and initiate the excavation process. Conversely, removing excavation from a toposolid is equally straightforward, ensuring efficient modelling and editing capabilities.

This tool is designed to offer enhanced functionality, improved precision, and a more intuitive user experience, empowering architects, and designers to create accurate site models with ease. Including but not limited to the area volume calculation with the ease of a parameter within the toposolid type properties. One of the standout features of the Excavate tool is this ability to provide precise volume calculations. By accurately measuring the volume of soil removed from the toposolid, optimizing material usage, and streamline the construction process.

Select Toposolid > Type Properties > Other Parameters > Individual Excavation Volume > View

Using the Excavate Tool:

1. Import or Create a Toposolid

2. Place an intersecting/cutting element (Floor/Roof/Mass/Other Toposolid) – i.e. Create a floor for example – which will overlap with the toposolid.

3. Select the Excavate Tool in the Modify/Toposolid Contextual Tab on the Ribbon – which becomes available when you select the Toposolid (Editing the toposolid)

4. Click on the intersecting/cutting element with the excavate tool active (Floor/Roof/Mass/Other Toposolid) – i.e. Click on the newly created floor.

In conclusion, the Excavate tool in Revit 2025 represents a paradigm shift in site modelling and excavation within the software and is thus a new Building Pad option available in Revit 2025, as Revit 2024 did not offer this functionality.

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