Upgrading to Toposolids in Autodesk Revit 2024



Revit’s landscape modelling capabilities have undergone a significant transformation with the introduction of the Toposolid. Autodesk has officially retired the old Toposurface and replaced it with this innovative new feature. In this blog, we will delve into Toposolids and its functionalities when upgrading from Previous Versions of Revit.

If you’re familiar with Revit Toposurface, imagine a scenario where a Floor and a Toposurface merge to create a new entity – the Toposolid!

The Toposurface to Toposolid

Revit 2023 Toposurface before upgrading to Toposolid in Revit 2024 – Example of an upgraded toposurface: (Appearance is the same, but cannot be modified)

You can Either Create a Toposolid from Sketch or Import (CAD or CSV) as you would with Previous Revit Version or Select the Existing Toposurface from the upgraded model and in the Modify Contextual Tab > Generate Toposolid (With Additional Toposurface Settings)

The Generate Toposolid Dialog Box gives you additional options such as Base Level and Family Type.

Please note that Building pads are ignored when generating a Toposolid from a Toposurface.

Revit 2024 – Upgraded to Toposolid:

When upgrading a Revit file to Revit 2024, any existing topographies will remain intact but lose their editability. To restore editing capabilities, you’ll need to convert them into Toposolids. This conversion can be done by selecting the legacy Toposurface and using the ‘Generate Toposolid‘ command located on the Modify ribbon. This straightforward process ensures a smooth transition and allows for continued management of your site elements within the updated software environment.

Essentially, the Revit 2024 Toposolid function combines the characteristics of a solid element with the versatility of Revit’s parametric modelling. It shares similarities with a Floor, allowing for the addition of structure layers, but it goes beyond by incorporating advanced topography capabilities such as contour lines and labels.

Toposolids can then be edited from the Type Selector > Edit Type > Type Properties Dialog Box > Type Parameters > Construction Parameter – Structure > Value – Edit Structure

Edit Assembly Dialog Box – Add Function Layers (Insert/Delete/Up/Down), Materials and Thickness.

Additional Resources for Toposolids:

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