What is Autodesk Forma?


Autodesk Forma (formerly Spacemaker) is a platform focused on aiding planning and design teams in the early stages of projects. It emphasises conceptual design, predictive analytics, and automation to create a strong digital foundation for projects. Below are the key features:

Conceptual Design

Autodesk Forma provides conceptual design capabilities, allowing users to create and visualise design ideas from the early stages of a project.

Predictive Analytics

The platform incorporates predictive analytics to assist in making informed design decisions. It could involve using data to anticipate outcomes, optimise designs, or address potential challenges.


Design automation is a feature that can help streamline processes, making project setup and design tasks more efficient. It could be valuable in the early stages of a project.

Connectivity with Revit

Autodesk Forma emphasises fluid connectivity with Revit, another popular Autodesk software used for (BIM). building information modelling

This connectivity facilitates a smooth transition from conceptual design to detailed modelling in Revit.

Real-time Data-Driven Insights

Users can leverage data-driven insights in real-time to inform design decisions. This emphasis on real-time data can contribute to more informed, efficient, and sustainable design choices.

Collaboration and Visualization

Autodesk Forma aims to improve collaboration by providing tools for data and visual storytelling. It can be crucial for securing buy-in from stakeholders and effectively communicating design concepts.

Bid-winning Design Stories

The platform encourages data and visuals to create compelling design stories. This feature can be valuable in competitive situations, helping design teams win more bids.

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