Windows 11 and Chaos V-Ray Sync Resolve


I recently adopted Windows 11, and there have been a few Chaos V-Ray sync teething problems. In my case most of this came from One Drive syncs of the Documents folder. I suspect it may be a few years before everyone has programmed their applications around the behaviour of Windows 11 and One Drive.

There seems to be a problem around the .DB extensions. I learned a lot about the new Windows 11 by investigating this problem.

Chaos V-Ray

When you can not sync a file, One Drive alerts you to what file is causing the hold-up. If you RMC on the file, you can even ask Windows which applications are currently using the file that can not be synced. Unfortunately, with the Chaos installation, Windows 11 does not allow you stop the Chaos Cosmos Browser (cbservice.exe).

Chaos V-Ray

Top sop the service and to allow the Windows 11 One Drive sync to complete, search Windows 11 for the Chaos Cosmos Browser, then go to the file location.


Here you can see that there is a .exe to Stop Chaos Cosmos Browser. Hopefully this kind of problem will be programmed out of software in future, because Windows 11 likes to sync one’s document folder.

Autodesk, Chaos Group, Micrographics, V-Ray, Sync, Windows 11, One Drive

I was surprised that there are now two Documents folders on One Drive and three on my hard drive. One under my username.

Autodesk, Chaos Group, Micrographics, V-Ray, Sync, Windows 11, One Drive

Two under the One Drive folder.

Chaos Group

Clearly some structures need to be brought to the Windows 11 and One Drive sync system. For now, I would consult my IT if I were migrating critical software and information with One Drive and Windows 11.

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