Copy design properties in Inventor



As you may already know, iProperties are a great way to manage data and attach certain critical information to your designs. This ay include things like:

  • Part number
  • Stock Code
  • Customer details
  • Location
  • Approved by
  • Checked Date
  • Custom fields

But entering them over and over again may not be ideal and can be very time consuming. Take for example the Checked Date field. You might have one through your project, but need to indicate that all related files in those designs have been checked as of a particular date.

Example of data stored in iProperties

Design Assistant

Enter Design Assistant. With this you can easily find all related CAD data to the currently opened design.

In your currently open design, go to File>Manage>Design Assistant

File>Manage>Design Assistant

This will open the Design Assistant dialog box, from which you can easily right-click and select Copy Design Properties:

Copy Design Properties

Note: It helps if you have already updated and made the necessary property changes to the current file.

This makes the process of updating the revision number, for example, very quick and easy.

The Copy Design Properties Dialog Box

The Copy Design Properties Dialog box

Here you will see two panes, a Copy From Pane and a Copy To Pane. By Default, the Copy From pane will source the data from the currently open design.

Copy from:

This pane allows you to select the file which will provide the source data, eg: the revision number, Part number etc.

It also allows you to choose exactly which fields should be copied over.

Copy To:

This pane allows you to select which related files will have the changes applied to them. You can tick each box to indicate the fields with the values on the left will be copied to the same fields on the selected files.

Click copy to finish off the process and you will now have all you related files updated with the same properties.

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