Inventor : Basic of Pins inserted into an Assembly


Pins are Available from the content Center in Inventor and can be inserted in the Assembly environment. The different available pins available is the Clevis Pin, Secure Pin , Cross Pin , Joint Pin and the Radial pin.

What are the Differences between the different Pins and Calculations involved? The Clevis Pin calculates , Designs and Checks Clevis pin Joints. The Secure Pin Designs and Calculates Secure Pins loaded with Shear. Cross Pin, Designs and Calculates Cross Pins loaded in a draw rod and a sleeve. Joint Pins designs and calculates Joint pins loaded with torque , and finally the Radial Pin, Designs and calculates the radial Loaded with torque.

How to insert the pin? Select the Pin type you would like to insert into your assembly. In the Assembly environment go to the Design Tab, and the drop down from the Pins.

After you have selected the Pin type you want to insert , you will select your type of placement, between Linear, Concentric, on Point, or by hole. Choose the face where you want to insert the pin into, and the End face or plane. After the setup has been completed you can select the fastener you would like to insert.

The content center will open and you can select the pin from Inventors Content Center that has the required specifications automatically setup in Inventor Professional. When the required Specification Pin has been selected , the diameter Tab will be available. Here you can select the required Diameter , and the content Center will automatically select the the Length as per standard specifications.

After inserting the Pin type , a calculation simulation can be run to see if the correct Pin size, Diameter and length has been selected, that are required to withstand the specific Force needed.

Notice you will be able to see if the pin that was selected with the required Force needed will be sufficient for the assembly. Will be able to see the Allowable Pressure if required to the allowable Stress in the Pin.

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