Setting up workspaces in AutoCAD


In AutoCAD you have the ability to create and customize your workspace as per your requirements. When in AutoCAD you select the create new drawing, with the preferred template you would like to use.

After the required template is selected, you can choose to customize AutoCAD in the way you would prefer. You can create your own layer Properties.

The panels can be moved around, by selecting the panel and dragging it to the required area.

In the View tab, under Palettes panel you can find your tool Pallets, and Properties tab. When it is selected you can click on the gear icon, this will open the settings tab, and here you can choose if you would like toanchor it to the left or to the right.

The option to Autohide the pallets can be selected if you prefer to see more of the graphics window for your drawings. The ribbon can be set to different layouts, from minimize to tabs and minimize Panel titles.

In this instance I have selected Minimize to Panel titles. In this customization or creating of my own workspace, it is setup the way I would prefer to work in. I’ve got my tool Pallets and properties tab to the left, with the Auto hide feature on. My tabs only show the titles, and if I select the draw tab all the selected tools will be visible.

After I have setup, the customization as needed, you can save this workspace. On the workspace icon drop down, you can save current as, and create your own workspace.

Type in the name of the workspace you would like to save it as.

After you have saved the workspace, on the drop down of the workspace icon, you will be able to switch between your newly created workspace or the standard workspaces.

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