Utilizing the UCS within AutoCAD 3D modelling Part 1

In AutoCAD the 2D objects are created on a single flat Plane. This is usually the XY Plane. In 3D you can work on this Plane or change to another Plane. As in the below example , it was created on the standard given plane.

Sometimes it is necessary to locate the UCS, on the current Plane, as you might have to select a different view like Top or Front view. This will change the UCS and allows you to draw on the associated Plane. It can happen that you need to change the UCS to required Plane or axis. These different views are aligned with the XY Plane. AutoCAD has the standard UCS systems, that has been setup.

The Current UCS can be changed to a different face or Location. You access the UCS command by going to the Home Tab, Coordinates Panel, UCS Icon.

Once the Icon has been selected, you will be able to change the UCS Location. Select the First staring point for the origin of the UCS to be placed, specify the direction of the X-axis, specify the direction of the Y-Axis. Notice the UCS has been changed to a new point.

There are three Different AXIS – X, Y and Z -Axis and three different Planes – XY Plane, YZ Plane and the XZ Plane. The UCS can be restored, in the Command Line type: UCS

Type: W and Press enter or select World.

The UCS can be changed to specific locations as needed.

  • The view Aligns the XY plane to the screen view
  • Object -aligns the XY Plane to a selected object
  • Face- Aligns the XY Plane to a face on a 3D Solid

Please see the following link for part 2

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