Utilizing the UCS within AutoCAD 3D modelling Part 2

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3-Point method

The 3-Point method enables you to specify the new Working Plane. In the Home Tab, Coordinates Panel, Select 3Point UCS Icon

Steps to be utilized to use the 3-point UCS method

Select the first point to place the UCS origin

  1. Select the second Point to place the new X-Axis
  2. Select the third point to place the new Y-Axis

Objects snaps can assist in placing the new UCS

AutoCAD can move the UCS in a rotational axis, for instance 90 degrees. Specify the Rotation around the Axis. You can type in the Value for angle or selected two points. This will rotate the UCS. To determine the rotational direction of the UCS- remember the right hand, Rule. When you look at your hand, with your right-hand palm towards you, and opening your thumb. This indicates the Positive side of the rotation. These Axial rotational commands can be found, in the Home tab, Coordinates Panel.

Lastly let’s have a look at the visual Properties of the UCS, and how it can be modified as needed. On the Home tab, Coordinates Panel, can open the UCS Icon Properties

When this is selected, a few of the options that can be modified is:

  • Icon Style
  • Line width
  • UCS icon size
  • UCS Icon colour
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