Administrative Cloud Project Team settings in Autodesk Fusion


When in a Project, you can click on the open web Icon, this will open the web browser in Fusion Cloud.

This will show your current Work Project, with the different folders. You can expand the folders by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the folder.

On the options drop down, you will be able to go directly to that project, Rename, Move , Copy and Delete the Project or the specific folder.

On the right pane you will be able to see the content of that project. Here you will be able to upload drawings, parts, and assemblies as needed. You have the option to create new folders and have the option of Grid and List views of the Projects.

In the Members and Permissions Tab, you can add members to join the Project, this will send out an invitation email for the members, which they need to accept to be part of the team.

Different groups can be created with specific roles applied to that group. When you create a new Group, you have different options available, you can choose a Group name for instance designers or engineers. Lastly you can apply the different roles to the teams within this Project and invite members. The roles do have specific administrative security towards  the Group, from a Viewer to Full Administrator.

The role within a team can be set differently for everyone. On the Members and Permissions tab, you can select the name of the individual, and apply a role directly to the person. as a manager or Editor as examples. Select the Person you would like to apply the role to, and on the drop-down menu select the specific role.

If you would like to learn more about Fusion Administrative options, Please select the hyperlink for the Webinar: Collaborative Projects in Fusion

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