Fusion 360: Disabling email notifications.


Sometimes when you are part of a Fusion team, you will receive email notifications about the project. You will receive notifications about updates, revisions or any changes made within that project. How do we disable the unnecessary email notifications? Let’s have a look at the best way.

Open up your fusion 360, and Select the Show data, panel.

image 39

Select the Project, that you wish not to receive the email notifications from and make that the active Project. There are two different ways of accessing the Fusion site from here.

The first option will be, next to the project name there will be a drop-down menu, when you have selected the drop down, you will notice a Gear icon, when you hover over the icon it would show open Administrator Console on the web.

image 43

The Second option is when the Project is active, you can select the open on web option to the right of the project.

image 40

This will take you to the Autodesk Fusion Team site settings, where you can upload files, create new Folders, Add Project Members and have a few different options and settings available.

You will notice you have a notifications Tab to the right, when selected this allows you to view your alerts of the Project.

image 44

In this web browser you will then click on your name icon to right and select the settings menu.

image 41

Once the settings menu has been opened you will notice a few options, from email notifications to customization of notifications to be received. Here you will be able to disable email notifications.

image 42

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