Fusion for Basic Design Preference Settings


Let’s have a look at how we can change the Plane orientation, and go through some of the Preference settings available in Autodesk Fusion.

When selecting the plane you want to draw on, the standard settings for Fusion will show that the XY plane is in the bottom position of the planes in other words this would be the top view and your XZ plane will show up as your front view.

This Orientation can be changed. You can select your Icon on the right of the screen. Select preferences.

Under the General Tab, default modeling orientation, you can change the Z-up option to Y-up to change the orientation if needed. XY Plane will become your new Front View Plane.

The Pan, Zoom commands can be changed, for instance if you are used to different software for instance like Inventor you can change the shortcuts to match Inventor. Under the Preference, the General tab, Pan, Zoom, Orbit shortcuts can change to the desired software.

The Reverse zoom command option can be changed at the same location. If you are use to moving your mouse forward to zoom in and moving it backward to zoom out in a drawing this can be changed, by selecting the Reverse zoom direction option.

The document settings units can be changed by clicking on the settings icon in your browser and changing the unit types.

When simulation and generative design studies are done , the units can be changed all at the same time, and same location. Open the Preference menu, move down to default units tab, select Simulation and Generative design. The window on the right will show all the unit that can be changed, for instance Length, Mass, Pressure, and more.

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