Fusion User Parametric Design

User Parameters

Fusion has the capability to create sketches with parametric features. Let’s have a look at how to create user Parameters. In the Design environment, you can extend the Modify Panel and scroll down to change parameters.

When the Parameters table is open, you can click on add User Parameters to create the different parameters.

When creating your User Parameters, you will be able to type in the Name of the parameter, the required Unit example mm, Expression Value of the parameter.

Multiple parameters can be created, to use and utilize withing you sketch and model. In the Parameter table, you will be able to find the different parameters that has been created.

When in the sketch environment , you can utilize these user created parameters instead of dimension values. After the sketch have been created , and the dimension values are being added to the sketch, you can type in the starting letter of the parameter names, and you will see the created parameters that you can select.

The Parameters can be utilized within the 3D feature creation environment, for example the Extrude function. Type in the parameter in the distance tab, and select the required parameter.

After this has been completed you will have a Parameter driven model. This can be beneficial as any changes that needs to be made to the model, can be done on the parameter table. This saves time as you don’t have to edit the sketch or the Features. After the changes has been made, the Model will update accordingly.

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