Setup a new Team and Project in Autodesk Fusion


If you Open Fusion for the first time you will have to create a team or join a current team. When your Data Panel is visible, you will be able to click on the option.

If you are new to Fusion, you will have to create a new team when you are not in collaboration with other companies or other teams. As shown in the picture above you can select the create new team option. The team’s name will be dependent on your requirements. Click on the next option and follow the instructions accordingly.

When you have created a team or joined a team. You will be able to create different Projects. On the Home page you will be able to see the option to create a new Project.

  1. Expand the Data panel.
  2. Click on the home icon.
  3. New Project
  4. Enter or rename the Project.
  5. Pin the project (Optional to move it to the top)
  6. Double click to open Project.

 A new Project was Created, and now if you right Click on the new project folder, you can rename the Project. You can double click on the Project to make it active project and upload or create parts, drawings or assemblies as needed.  These files would be linked to this specified Project. When a Project was created, it will be a closed Project which means, if you want someone to collaborate on the Project with you, you will have to invite them.

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