2D Sketch Constraints Autodesk Inventor


Constraints plays an important role in the geometry of a sketch in Inventor. This controls the sketch to behave in a certain way , and allows for certain geometry to be applied automatically. Lets have a look at the constraints. You can find the constrain tab when you are in your 2D sketch environment.

The First constrain we are going to look at is the Coincident constraint.

The coincident constraint can constrain two specific points to each other. This can take form from the center of a circle to an edge of a Line or to point on a Square, or even used to Constrain a Specific point to the Origin Point.

Concentric Constrain can be used to ensure that circles and arcs have the Same center Point.

The Collinear constraint ensures that the selected entities Lie on the same Line.

The Parallel Constraint Causes Linear geometry to lie parallel to each other. And Perpendicular Constrain ensures that lines are Perpendicular. With the Perpendicular constraint you can also look at it as forming a 90 degree angle between the two lines.

The Horizontal and vertical Constraints ensures that a line is Horizontal or vertical.

The tangent constraint ensures that an arc, radius or a circle is tangent to a specific entity.

Smooth(G2) constraint ensures the curvature continuous along the same path with a smooth motion.

The Equal constraint can be used instead of dimensional geometry for instances that is the equal to each other, for instances thickness, width, diameter or height, to name a few. The Equal constraint ensures that the entities are Equal.

The Fix Constraint can lock a specified point, edge or entity into a specific location.

Lastly when we use the Symmetric constrain it ensures that the selected entity’s are symmetric.

Using Certain constraints can assist in using less geometry in your sketch , that can cause sometimes a bit of unnecessary clutter in a drawing or in the sketch. With the different Constraint options available it assists in the sketch environment.

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