5 Key Attributes of Inventor


What are the 5 Attributes?

  1. Feature-Based Modelling
  2. Parametric Features
  3. Inventor is Associative
  4. Assembly Management
  5. Model Documentation.

A Base Feature is the first solid that you create in Inventor. The base feature consists of a 2D sketch, that’s defined and fully constrained, either with parametric dimensions, Constrain types or simple geometry.

The Parametric modelling refers to the process used to build the model. Parametric modelling is a feature-based approach where 3D models are created and modified by defining parameters, constraints, and relationships.

When we open the Parametric table, Manage Tab, Parameters, we can see the specified parameters created.

When the table is opened you can edit the parameter name, dimensions or even add equations as needed, and the sketch will update accordingly. This is the associative properties in Inventor , that changes will update in every aspect that it was used, for instance an assembly, and the drawing will update, in accordance. This is one of the key factors of Inventor when talking about associative.

Assembly management allows you to create the assembly and keep a full history of the individual Parts used for the assembly, and a full Bill of Materials(BOM) will be created. When creating the assembly you can use a variety of constraints or joints to drive the assembly.

The drawings can be created as per Specifications, or even custom templates can be created with Proper documentation control. Multiple sheets can be created, geometry, and all necessary annotations can be added to the drawing, including bill of material tables , dimensions, text, notes, and even multiple symbols when required.

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