Autodesk Inventor Applications options.

We are going to have a look at specific options used for customization in Inventor. Lets have a look at the Applications Options in Inventor. There are a few ways to open up the applications options. The first way, on the home screen, go to file, then Options.

Another way to open Applications options, on the home screen, the tools tab and select application options.

The Last option is when you have a part or an assembly open, can select the tools tab , and the applications Options.

In the applications Options, you will notice there are a few different tabs available, for customization for inventor. In the General tab, you will have some off the following options available: A startup action, Prompting Interaction / Tooltip appearance, Spell Check options. Take note you can change the Username here. This comes in handy as this can be setup to pull the username through Automatically through on the drawing as Drawn by, as an example.

In The Part tab, you have a few selections available, from Sketch on new part creation , 3D grip settings to Dimensional and geometrical constraints.

The Save tab can be used to set the Default Save options , from Migration , Api Changes to manual updates.

Let’s have a look at the File tab, here you can select specific File path locations from Presets to the undo file Location. One of the important settings can be found here, Default templates. This is where can choose your default Measuring Units and Drawing standards to be used.

Some of the other tabs that are available in the Application Options are: Colours tab where you can change the light theme, or use a background image. Display tab has the Appearance settings, Hardware tab is the Graphic settings. In the Assembly Tab, you can set the option to Automatically Place your first component as Grounded Part , and more. Another important Tab will be the drawing Tab, where can select the Title block insertion, Dimension Type Preferences and change even your line weights.

The last important Tab that we will have a look at is the Sketch Tab. You have your 2D sketch Constraint settings, Grid Line Display settings and your snap to grid settings if you use a Grid for sketching.

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