Inventor I-Parts creation and benefits – Part 2


When the Parameters has been set, the Part Numbers have been created, you will notice under your table you have your different parts available that has been set from the I-Part Author wizard table.

You can now change between the generated parts, without re-drawing a different sketch, and the part will update Automatically to the member you select.

One of the Advantages when an I-Part has been created, using a single sketch, when you place it on the drawing, you actually have the option of which part or drawing you want to insert. When you place your base view, before selecting ok, in the model tab, you will have the option for Member. In the drop-down menu, notice the parts that have been created, will be there, for selection.

You can choose the part that’s needed, and place it on the drawing, and add your geometry and annotations to the drawing as needed. This is beneficial as this can save time. Updates with your parameters, and newly added members are automatically linked to the I-Part table. This is beneficial if you have multiple components, that is similar in size and shape, where the geometry changes slightly. Great for building up for a stock library, can be used in assemblies where different part numbers are used where the sizes are slightly different, it has multiple uses. can be accessed by any member of the team, and the geometry is driven based on the parameters, that can be edited, changed and modified according to the requirements.

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