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IMPORTANT: Below content is only for those that have live/active Prokon licenses and for perennial license owners with active maintenance licenses.

Within Prokon there is a considerable number of absolutely incredible design- and analysis modules, my favorite of which is the, dare I say revolutionary, SUMO (Structural Modular) module. I am sure that my sentiments are shared by many, if not all, SUMO users.

However, if you wish to make continued use of your software, you might be in trouble very soon (as soon as April 2023 in fact). Prokon is phasing out the old License Manager (LIMA), which means that your Online Prokon License Manager and your Prokon License Manager (within your software) will be out of sync! Rendering your software unusable. BUT, there is a way to mitigate this. . . . . . .

When opening your Prokon Software there is a small, inconspicuous, button. . . . . . . .the Live Update button. Clicking on this button will update all of your modules AND the License Manager.

See Live Update button to the left of the License Manager button.

This will ensure that you are not “desynchronized” from your Online License Manager, which in turn will save you loads of frustration and a phone call to Micrographics Support (where you will most likely hear my voice saying: “Did you read my blog, sir/madam?”). Your new License Manager will look as follows:

If you have run the Live Update and still find that your License Manager does not resemble the one in the image above, do not fear, for there is another way. Within your internet browser (preferably Google Chrome) enter into the search bar www.prokon.com.

Under the Support tab click on the Downloads button. This will open up the Downloads page, which will look as follows:

Scroll all the way down until you find a section with the heading: Prokon System.

Within this section, right at the bottom, you will find a Module with the name: Lima: PROKON License Manager for new Accounts.

Download this Module. Unzip/extract it within your Windows Downloads folder. Right-click and cut the LicenseManager.exe file and paste it within the bin folder of your Prokon folder located on your C-Drive. Replace the existing file when prompted to do so and DO NOT run the file. Launch your Prokon application.

And viola! You are all set for the future (for now).

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