Adding Users to Prokon


If you’ve recently purchased a Prokon license, follow these steps to add users, register your account and activate your licenses:

  1. Register Your Account:
    • After payment has been cleared, the Account Administrator (usually the person who deals with the sales consultant or IT Manager, Section Head, etc.) will receive a confirmation email from Prokon. The Account Administrator must then register their account to access the Prokon Dashboard.
  2. Add License Managers and License Set Users:
    • The next step is to add a License Manager, who can in turn add License Set Users. The Account Administrator can also add License Set Users. To do this, click on the My Licenses tab.

  1. Add a License Manager:
    • Click on the red license number and then click on the Add button. You will be prompted to enter the email address of the user you wish to add as a License Manager for the relevant License Number.

  1. Add License Set Users:
    • Scroll down to the License Set table. To add a License Set User, select the relevant License Set and add the user in the same way as the License Manager was added.

  1. Activate Your Licenses:
    • Once you’ve registered your account and added License Managers and Set Users, you can activate your licenses by launching Prokon and then the License Manager. Click the tick-box to the left of the License Set and click apply. You should now have access to the relevant modules with Prokon.

If you experience any problems with the above process please send me an email – – and I will gladly assist with getting you and your users up and running as quickly as possible.

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