Changing Your Calcpad Logo


Prokon’s Calcpad has a nice set of functions that are quite often overlooked. I have found that many users are not even aware of what the Calcpad is. So, your Calcpad is basically your home page when you launch Prokon (not any of its’ modules). Initially there is not a lot to it, but when you click on the File dropdown and the New button, you will be greeted by a page that looks surprisingly similar to the Calcsheet pages. That is because the Calcpad becomes the home for all of your calculations from all of your modules, if you make use of the Send to Calcpad button. The Calcpad can basically become your project Design Report.

You can also customize your specific Calcpad template and a crucial step is to update the logo displayed in the top-left corner.

Above is the default Calcpad Header. This header can be changed to look as follows:

There isn’t a lot to making these changes. Click on the File dropdown and then the Page Setup button.

All of the necessary files are kept in the Prokon User folder and this is also where you need to place your companies logo file, preferably a .png file. You can create a copy of the DEFAULT.PTF file in the User folder and rename to whatever you would like. Once done, click on the Select template file button and select the new file. Once selected, click on the Edit template file button. A Notepad text file will open. This where you will need to make all of the changes.

To change the logo, change the file name in line three to the exact name of the file with its’ extension to the relevant logo’s file name.

If the image looks squished, don’t worry. You just need to now adjust the x1, y1, x2 and y2 dimensions/coordinates.

This is an iterative process and needs to approached slowly. Small adjustments in those values makes a big difference.

In conclusion, the Calcpad in Prokon offers a wealth of functionality that is often overlooked by users. By utilizing the Calcpad as your project Design Report and customizing its template to include your company logo and desired layout, you can enhance the professionalism and efficiency of your design process. Take advantage of the Calcpad’s features to streamline your calculations and create polished reports, ultimately improving the quality of your work and saving valuable time.

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