Composite Design: Encased Column Cover


Within Prokon’s suite of composite modules, the Encased Column module stands out. The impact of encasing either an I- or H-section on the resistance properties of the column is remarkable. While this practice may not be commonly discussed, it has been noted in the context of fire protection.

Understanding the parameters is relatively straightforward, especially when compared to complex factors like the Effective Width parameter for concrete slab-steel beam composite assemblies (refer to Composite Design: Effective Width – Part 01-03). However, challenges may arise when specifying the Solid depth and Solid width of the section.

When navigating to the Design tab, you’ll observe that Check 8: Cover limit: Fully encased steel section may fail, referring to clause/section (2) of the Eurocode 4. This section stipulates that the maximum cover must be calculated in both the “h” and “b” directions. For the “h” direction, the maximum cover (on a side) is cz, while the maximum cover in the “d” direction is cy. The equations are provided below.

By adhering to these guidelines, Check 8 should no longer pose a challenge for you.

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