Composite Design: Shear Studs – Part 01


An iconic component of composite design are the shear studs. If any designer considers Prokon’s composite design modules, this would most likely be the first thing that comes to mind. Both the Beam and Continuous Beam composite modules provide the designer with a comprehensive output, which includes the number of shear studs required.

In the Beam module, the number of shear studs is indicated as part of the Design output. Navigating to the Design tab, you will note the Number of connectors listed, along with the Degree of connection (also Percentage shear connection) within the Summary table.

In the Continuous Beam module (distinct from the Concrete module), determining the number of shear connectors is not as straightforward. When navigating to the Sections section of the Input tab, designers will notice a small dark-grey square adjacent to the Percentage shear connection input. Clicking on this box will reveal the specific number of required shear connectors for that section.

Part 02 will explore the influence of Shear connector parameters on design outcomes. Subsequent sections will examine not only how Shear resistance is impacted by these parameters, but also by factors such as concrete section properties, reinforcement, and steel beam characteristics.

In conclusion, shear studs stand out as a vital component in composite design, often at the forefront of designers’ considerations when using Prokon’s composite design modules. Both the Beam and Continuous Beam modules offer comprehensive outputs, including the essential count of shear studs required. While locating this information is straightforward in the Beam module, designers may encounter some challenges in the Continuous Beam module. Nonetheless, Part 02 will delve deeper into the intricate interplay between shear connector parameters and various design factors, shedding light on their significant influence on design outcomes.

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