Continuous Beam: Stirrups in Flanges


Continuous Beam sets itself apart as a powerful standalone module that allows you to analyze and design a beam all in one place. The module has live graphs that update as you change flexural- and shear reinforcement to better suit site conditions and supplier limitations. Dedicated sections allow you to adjust the positioning of reinforcement as well.

Flexural reinforcement is adjusted in the Main Reinforcement section of the Reinforcement ribbon. Shear reinforcement is adjusted in its’ namesake section of the Reinforcement ribbon.

When it comes to detailing concrete beams with flanges, one of the things we want to do is not only add stirrups to the center portion as well, but also the flange of the section. There is a way to do this to ensure that it is picked up accurately. Considering the Stirrups section:

We will agree that Section 2 is the section that requires a stirrup in the flange. One can be tempted to add another stirrup number to the table, but this is not the correct way of adding the additional stirrup. If done in this way an additional stirrup dimension will be added in the Shear Reinforcement section. The effect is the same, but it causes unnecessary clutter. Within the table, add an additional line under the last input of the Stirrup number 2 inputs. Here you will add another stirrup and tick the Top Flange tick-box.

The effect of the additional stirrup can be noted in the Shear Reinforcement graph located in the Shear Reinforcement section. The first image indicates the graph without the stirrup in the flange, the second image indicates the graph with the stirrup in the flange.

Lastly, the 3D View will clearly indicate the additional stirrup.

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