Interpreting Rectangular Slab Design Output


The Rectangular Slab Panel Design (Rectangular Slab) module is a standalone module used to design rectangular/square concrete panels simply supported on all edges, continuous or purely supported at corners.

The output of the module consists of short-term and long-term deflections, Bending Moments, Reinforcement recommendations and a Bending Schedule. All of the outputs are relatively easy to interpret. This blog serves the purpose of confirming certain assumptions regarding the Reinforcement output.

Looking at the output, it is simple to navigate between different rebar “planes” – top, bottom, etc.

The direction of the rebar is indicated by the double-sided arrow, and the “plane” is indicated at the top of the output window.

Lastly, considering the Bending Schedule tab: The rebar is detailed so that it extends beyond the boundaries of the slab. This is not a error, but rather it considers that slab’s analytical plane extends to the center of the supports on the side; for example: the analytical plane would stab at the center of a double-leaf wall. The contours on the panel, if negative, indicate that sufficient reinforcement is being provided. If positive, more reinforcement is required and the necessary adjustments must be made by the user.

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