Prokon Frame: Great Wizards


When I think of Prokon Frame, I think of a powerful Analysis tool that has been around for a very long time and has seen continuous improvement and support for decades. I also think of nodal modelling and how tedious this can be. To assist users with modelling large and complicated structures, Prokon has added multiple Wizards to the Frame module.

The list of available wizards are as follows:

  • Portal Frames – New & Old Wizards with the Old Wizard more suited to Frame
  • Trusses & Trussed Frames – New & Old Wizards
  • Hemispherical Shell
  • RC Building Frame
  • Circular Reservoir
  • Plate & Solid Mesh Generator
  • Rectangular/Skew Grillage
  • Rectangular/Skew Slab
  • View Plane Generator

All of these Wizards can be accessed via the Input tab. Note that each Wizard overrides the other, therefore only one Wizard can be used in a particular Frame file (excluding the View Plane Generator).

As a simple example I will be generating a Portal Frame within Frame using the relevant Wizard; inputs are as below.

prokon frame

Happy with all of my parameters, I click OK. The Wizard generates the Portal Frame with all of its’ members, supports and loads. A total of 298 individual nodes created with a click of a button! The last thing I need to do is allocate the self-weight to a load case, after which I can analyze my Portal Frame.

The Wizards allow for extremely fast modelling and eliminate the risk of users errors which are quite prominent in the Frame modelling workflow.

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