Prokon Probar 2D: Epic Wizards & Useful Tools

Rebar detailing can be a complex task, especially when dealing with large projects. However, Probar 2D offers a solution that simplifies the process and enhances productivity. In addition to its Scheduler and Add Bar function, Probar 2D comes equipped with a range of Wizards and Prokon Tools that automate and streamline rebar detailing workflows. In this blog post, we will explore the capabilities of these tools and how they can greatly improve efficiency and accuracy in rebar detailing.

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Probar 2D’s Wizards are powerful functions designed to automate the detailing of specific structural entities and members. Each Wizard opens an input window where users can set the necessary parameters, after which Probar 2D takes care of the rest. Let’s take a look at some of the available Wizards and their functionalities:

  1. Area Zone – Top/Bottom rebar generator for slabs (can be applied to other entities)
  2. Base – Rebar generator for pad footings (can pull in .C15 files)
  3. Circular Column – Rebar generator for circular columns (can pull in .C12 files)
  4. Rectangular Column – Rebar generator for rectangular columns (can pull in .C11 files)
  5. Beam – Rebar generator for beams (can pull in .C01 files)
  6. Retaining Wall – Rebar generator for retaining walls (can pull in .C14 files)
  7. Foundation – Rebar generator for strip footings
  8. Stairs – Rebar generator for stairs
  9. Pile Cap – Rebar generator for pile caps
  10. Area Zone 2 – Similar to Area Zone, but simplified
  11. Sumo – Pulls in reinforcement contours from SUMO analysis
  12. Opening Detail – Rebar generator for openings (diamond bars, etc.)
  13. Corner Detail – Rebar generator for corners (L, T, X and I corner types)
  14. Splice Detail – Rebar modifying tool for splicing bars

Probar 2D also offers seamless integration with Prokon Tools, extending its functionality even further. These tools are accessible within the Wizard dropdown menu and provide additional capabilities. Let’s explore the Prokon Tools available:

  1. Polyconvert – Converts lines to Polylines (essential for using Wizard and Tools)
  2. PADDS – Exports selected rebar entities as a .txt file for use in Padds
  3. Prosec – Exports a cross-section to Prosec
  4. GenCol – Exports a cross-section to General Column
  5. Frame – Exports polylines to Frame Mesh Generator
  6. ProDesk – Export selected rebar entities as a .pbr file for use in ProDesk

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs and videos, where we will dive deeper into each of these incredible Wizards and Prokon Tools. We will explore their functionalities, provide practical examples, and demonstrate how they can significantly improve rebar detailing workflows and enhance productivity.

Probar 2D’s Wizards and Prokon Tools are indispensable resources for simplifying and automating rebar detailing processes. By leveraging these tools, you can save time, increase accuracy, and optimize your detailing workflows. To unleash the full potential of Probar 2D, make sure to explore these powerful features and stay updated on our future content.

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