Prokon Probar 2D: Fixing Rebar Bar Marks


During the detailing process, it is not uncommon for identical bars to end up with different bar marks or for non-identical bars to be assigned the same mark. Probar 2D identifies these inconsistencies and flags them in the Scheduler, ensuring potential errors are brought to your attention.

prokon probar

Manually correcting bar mark inconsistencies can be time-consuming. Thankfully, Probar 2D offers a time-saving solution. Within the Scheduler, navigate to the Modify tab, where you’ll find the Continuous and Renumber functions.

prokon probar

Selecting Continuous ensures that each unique bar mark follows on the next, whereas not having it selected restarts the bar mark numbering for each Member. Lastly, clicking on Renumber brings up a prompt after which you are required to select the rebar entities you wish to renumber (in most cases this will be all of the rebar entities). The result is a fresh schedule with the correct bar marks.

prokon probar

In conclusion, Probar 2D significantly simplifies the allocation of bar marks to rebar, alleviating the challenges of managing large projects with numerous bars. By automating the generation of bar marks and providing tools like the Continuous and Renumber functions, Probar 2D ensures consistency and efficiency in bar mark allocation. Embrace this powerful solution to streamline your construction workflows and avoid costly mistakes.

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