Prokon Prodesk: Preparing Revit Model


Prodesk Prodesk is an extension for Autodesk Revit developed by Prokon to allow for the transferring of models to and from Revit to Prokon and Prokon to Revit. It has built-in mapping standards and has a simplified mapping workflow. In general to import a model from Prokon into Revit is very simple, but to export a Revit model to Prokon can prove tricky. In this blog I discuss the essentials of preparing a Revit model for export to Prokon.

It is important to keep in mind that Prokon’s SUMO and Frame work with analytical lines that are allocated cross-sectional properties, whereas elements in Revit are not modelled with analytical lines from the start. If you have tried to export a Revit model only to find an empty SUMO file on the other side, it is most likely due to the fact that elements have not yet been assigned their analytical lines/planes. You can clicking check if elements have their analytical lines/planes assigned by editing the Visibility/Graphics Overrides – tick the Show analytical model categories in this view within the Analytical Model Categories tab.

Prokon Prodesk

In the case where elements have not yet been assigned their Analytical Lines/Planes, from Revit 2023 onwards, you can make use of the Analytical Automation function located in the Analyze tab ribbon. This function takes you through a simplified workflow of assigning objects their analytical components. Once done you should be able to export your Revit model to Prokon. Below is the Analytical Model of a structure with its volumetric model further down.

Prokon Prodesk
Prokon South Africa

This model is ready to be exported to Prokon. Navigating to the Prokon tab you can need to click on the Import/Export function and select Sumo Export. Remember to drag and select your entire model, or the parts you wish to analyze in SUMO/Frame. You will now be taken through the mapping process.

Prokon Prodesk
Prokon 5.1

Lastly, if there are any profiles/cross-sections in your Revit model that are not in your Prokon Section Database, you will need to add them to your Section Database before starting the export process.

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