Prokon Sections: Adding To Existing Tables


A while ago I wrote a blog on how to model a custom steel/concrete section in Prokon’s Prosec module (see blog – The workflow covered creating the profile and then exporting it to the Sections Database. This process is essential for non-standard profiles, but not necessary for sections that match industry profiles (I-Sections, H-Sections, Angles, etc.). To add new profiles of existing sections is possible and extremely easy.

Launch your Sections Database and navigate to the profile table that matches the section-type you want to add; we will add a new Taper Flange I-Section.

As this is a short-of-empty table the process will be simple to observe. The white cells are input cells and the yellow cells are “calculation” cells which will self-populate once all of the inputs have been plugged in. Table 2.11 of the Seventh Edition of the SAISC Red Book contains a total of five (5) Taper Flange I-Sections of which four (4) are not readily available. We will therefore indicate those as Not preferred sections. I do want to add those sections in the order of the sizes; all four (4) all smaller than the profile currently in the table, I will therefore right-click on the profile’s cell, navigate to Line functions and Insert line as many times as needed. I will then enter the inputs as required by the white cells.

Save the Sections Database and that is all there is to it. You can now use these new members in all of your Prokon modules.

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